Welcome to Verdeando eco, 100% vegetable restaurant

We present a life project with a start and end date, 2015 to 2025, where the most important thing is to prepare a meal to nourish the body, clear the mind and leave the animals off the menu. After going to fairs and cooking and offering quality vegan and organic food for 10 years, we decided to dedicate ourselves to this lovely food for 10 more years in this precious space.

We assumed a challenge where we faced an artificial palate with a meal of adulterated flavors but which is called "natural", with excess of refined and where anything goes if it is endorsed with good marketing. Our adventure starts from several sides, in a hospital where I took care of my mother, observing the food that was served; collecting abandoned animals since childhood without distinction of species and observing this world from the impermanence. 


Our menus: drinks, meals, desserts, wines...

Most of the drinks in Verdeando are prepared at the moment, we make them ourselves: Natural fruit flavored water, fruit juice extracted at low revolutions so that the fruit oxidizes as little as possible, incredible smoothies, and so on.

We also have kombucha, artisan beers and natural wines.


The land that saw you grow, know all your secrets...

Those gestures that betray us, hidden between the words...

So long looking for you, now is our time.

Thank you for your support!

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