Advertising or raw materials ? We didn't really have any doubts...

When we decided to create this project we had some clear premises, for which the expenses in publicity were unthinkable; only a magazine that came to visit us, to which we said that, when we had the our premises ready (already in preparation for 4 years and still things to do), we would publish with them due to its constancy of coming every 3 months to leave us the magazine. 

These are our premises: 

I'm sure we have forgotten more things...The cleaning products are ecological, the bags are biodegradable, the paint -every time the establishment is painted- is ecological, the furniture is made by local craftsmen with recycled wood. Bottled drinks are made of glass. 


In other words, everything learned over many years, integrated into this precious space.


"In order to be able to make all our premises a reality, it is impossible for us to pay for advertising. We advertise from platforms such as Facebook, and we are in Tripadvisor thanks to you, who rate us". 


"We trust in word of mouth communication and in doing our best"...

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